Sølve Selstø

Professor in physics at the Faculty of Technology, Art and Design,  Oslo Metropolitan University

Contact information
+47 67 23 86 85
E-mail:        solve.selsto (at)
Mail:           P.O. Box 4 St. Olavs Plass
                    0130 Oslo, Norway
Visiting:      Office PS325, Pilestredet 35
Curriculum Vitae

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Academics interests

-Dynamics of unbound systems in quantum physics

·        Laser ionization of atoms and molecules in the high frequency, high intensity regime – including the relativistic regime

·        Coherent manipulation of quantum dots


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-Non-Hermitian quantum physics

·        Resonance phenomena

·       Absorbing boundary conditions


-Numerical and analytical methods for solving time-dependent equations in quantum physics

·        The Schrödinger equation

·        The Dirac equation

·       The Lindblad equation


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-Quantum information technology

·        Quantum literacy

·       Quantum simulations

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-Scientific computing in science and engineering education

·        Mathematical modelling

·       Building understanding using numerical methods

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The most interesting papers

·        Absorption and analysis of unbound quantum particles one by one, Phys. Rev. A 103, 012812 (2021)

·        Semirelativistic Schrödinger Equation for Relativistic Laser-Matter Interactions, Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 253202 (2018)

·        Relativistic ionization dynamics for a hydrogen atom exposed to superintense XUV laser pulses, Phys Rev. A 95, 04303 (2017)

·        Scattering in a quantum dot: the role of resonances, J. Phys. Cond. Matt. 25, 315802 (2013)

·        Absorbing boundary conditions for dynamical many-body quantum systems, J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys. 43, 065004 (2010)


Full publication list

Selected Lectures

Absorbers as tools – and measuring devices”, Physikzentrum Bad Honnef, Germany, December 2019

Erfaringar med numeriske berekningar i matematikk-undervisinga for dataingeniørstudentar”, Høgskulen på Vestlandet, Haugesund, July 2018.

Solving the Dirac Equation”, LPHYS’18, Nottingham, UK, July 2018.

Physics in the fast lane”, Symposium: “Ladislav Kochback @ 70”, Bergen 2016.

Dielectronic recombination in the time domain”, Workshop: Control of Ultrafast Quantum Phenomena, NORDITA, Stockholm 2015.

Solving the Dirac equation for hydrogenlike systems exposed to intense laser pulses”, LPHYS’12, Calgary 2012.

To throw away some particles – and yet keep the rest”, Workshop: Studying quantum mechanics in the time domain, NORDITA, Stockholm 2011.

Lys, materie og kvantemekanikk”, Kvinnherad Senioruniversitet, Husnes 2011.

Absorbing boundaries for more than one particle”, Workshop: Resonance phenomena and their applications, Technion, Haifa 2010.

Photoionisation of H2+ by short, intense laser pulses”, XX ISIAC, Crete, Greece 2007.

Contribuions to the theory of atoms and molecules in strong electromagnetic fields”, PhD defense, Bergen 2006.


Teaching (in Norwegian)

·        Matematikk 1000

·        Fysikk for tre-termin

·        MATLAB-kurs

·        Matematikk for forkurset, 2010/-11

·        Oppfriskingskurs

Textbook (in Norwegian)


Praktisk introduksjon til numeriske metodar, Universitetsforlaget 2017

Kodane i boka



Outreach (Norwegian, mostly)

·       Podcast about quantum computing (Viten + snakkis):What is quantum computing?

·       About the emerging techonlogy of quantum computing (forskning.no): Kvantedatamaskina kjem, kvifor skal vi bry oss?

·       Podcast about quantum phyisics (Viten + snakkis/forskning.no): Den skjønne kvantefysikken

·       About the queer and beautiful quantum theory (forsking.no): Mikrokosmos er skrullete og vakkert

·       About how I ended up on an unserious conference (forskning.no): Slik hamna eg på ein useriøs forskningskonferanse

·       About writing code in maths-teaching (Aftenposten): Har koding noko i matteundervisinga å gjere?

·       About faith and evolution (Vårt Land/Verdidebatt): Tru eller evolusjon?

Some of my past, present and future collaborators, co-authors and mentors (in alphabetical order)

·        Jakob Bengtsson, University of Lund, Sweden

·        Simen Bræck, OsloMet

·        Marcelo Ciappina, ELI Beamlines, Czech Republic

·        Sergey Denisov, OsloMet

·        Morten Førre, University of Bergen

·        Jan Petter Hansen, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

·        Hårek Haugerud, OsloMet

·        Morten Hjort-Jensen, University of Oslo

·        Thomas Kim Kjeldsen, Aarhus University, Denmark

·        Ladislav Kocbach, University of Bergen

·        Katarzyna Krajewska, University of Warsaw

·        Simen Kvaal, University of Oslo

·        Eva Lindroth, Stockholm University, Sweden

·        Tor Kjellsson Lindbolm, the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

·        Lars Bojer Madsen, Aarhus University, Denmark

·        Fernando Martin, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain

·        James F. McCann, Queens University, Belfast, UK

·        Raymond Nepstad, SINTEF

·        Alicia Palacios, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain

·        Xavier Raynaud, NTNU/ SINTEF